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Restonic Namibia logo


Restonic is a leader in the bedding and foam industry and a major
manufacturer of beds and mattresses across the globe.


During 1981 Restonic was formed by Mr Michael Metz,  reputable  business man. Since then he has grown Restonic into a million Rand dynasty and house-hold name in the Southern African region.

It all started in 1974 when Mr Metz started working for his father in his furniture factory. In 1981 Mr Metz started Metz Bedding which later became Restonic. Today Restonic is an international brand manufactured under licence, a proudly family owned business which employs over 300 people.

Being a family owned business, Restonic was formed in the most humble of beginnings, however the attention to detail, the desire to manufacture and provide superior products and the drive to succeed saw the phenomenal growth of the business.

Today Restonic has become one of the largest bedding producers in Southern Africa with a clear vision of becoming the largest Bedding Manufacturer providing in the world.

To achieve this ambitious dream there might be many obstacles, however over 35 years’ experience in the mattress manufacturing industry Mr Metz has put together small highly experienced management team  that are able to make quick decisions because of; owner management and exceptional experience in the industry.

To aid in the fullfillment of this dream, Restonic merged with the KAP Group in January 2015 and formed an Integrated Sleep Group.

Supporting Dreams Since 1938

In January 2015 Restonic formed an Integrated Sleep Group after merging with the KAP Group.

KAP is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, an industrial group, predominantly focused on business operating in emerging African markets. KAP delivers services and manufactures products to a wide customer base.  Three operating divisions offering powerful exhilarators to the Restonic vision:

Supply Chain Solutions

A supply chain solution frameworks used for the design, implementation & managing supply chain and logistics.

Integrated Timber Division

Integrated timber division with timber plantations, saw mills as well as production facilities within the timber industry.

Industrial Manufacturing

Divisions of furniture, bedding components, springs, fabric, foams, fibre & insulation pads.

The merger between KAP and Restonic will result in the Restonic brand being incorporated under the entity known as KAP Integrated Bedding – The KAP Integrated merger will have wide impacts Bedding, with its new acquisitions can now manufacture high quality branded beds at affordable prices. This happens at 7 facilities in 5 strategically positioned locations throughout South Africa and Namibia.

The Sleep Group comprises of six main brands, namely:

Restonic’s eco-friendly textile recycling company.

Restonics EPE foam and Spunbond brand

A Manufacturer of fabrics for the bedding industry

Restonic’s premium bed pocket & spring brand.

Restonic’s premium bed & foam brand.

Restonic’s  polyurethane foam and foam bed brand.