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Genessi Dream Support

Support your dreams with advanced Latex Flex, Smart Active, & Support Flex.

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20 Year Warrant
2 Year Guarantee
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Genessi Dream Support

Features & Benefits

1 Latex Flex

The next generation of synthetic Latex Flex is now enhanced with cell softening molecules to provide a more luxurious and plush comfort layer. Let this mattress embrace your body while sinking into unchartered levels of rest and relaxation, ensuring maximum sleeping comfort.

2 Smart Active

Smart Active layers provide a firm sleep experience. Increased density, flexibility and elasticity provide optimal support where it is needed most.

3 Support Flex

Premium Support Foams that has been specifically formulated to provide an effective durable and breathable foundation layer. This product consistently supports the human body over the entire surface of the mattress, while reducing heat and moisture retention.
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Genessi Dream Support Cross Section
Genessi Dream Support Cross Section