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Greencoil Granite

Taking comfort to the next level is Greencoil Granite with 2000 Series iPocket, Smart Active & Memory Gel Foam.

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15 Year Warranty
2 Year Guarantee
Greencoil Granite

Features & Benefits

1 Memory Gel Foam

Dissipating heat when sleeping whilst conforming precisely to your body, this gel infused memory foam comfort layer will take your sleep experience to the next level.

2 Smart Active

Smart Active is a high density comfort enhancing foam which conforms to the unique contouring of your body. Immerse yourself into a peaceful night’s sleep on top of this pressure relieving foam.

3 2000 Series iPocket

Designed for disturbance-free comfort, this unit has 2000 individually pocketed springs which will help you sleep if your partner moves on the mattress. Our pocket on pocket design offers the ultimate sleep solution for the unique contours of your body.
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